Nursery Photo Upload Portal

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Welcome to the nursery review portal! Here, you may upload photos of your nursery to be reviewed by a SANC administrator.

Inspector Guidance for Nursery Photos

Photos are to be used for the purpose of developing SANC training materials (depicting good or bad production practices).

Please inquire with the nursery if you may take photos of their operations. Assure them that:

  • no nursery name will be attached to the photos
  • photos will be taken at an angle so as not to show physical or geographical traits that can identify the nursery

Uploading the photos:

  • use highest quality setting for photos (photos taken with your phone are adequate)
  • include your name, email and name of nursery in case there is a need to contact you
  • photo credit will be given to “SANC inspector” or “agricultural inspector” but the actual name of the inspector will not be included so as not to make a connection to a specific nursery

Image must be in a JPG or PNG format

(Preferred image size: at least 1000px by 1000px. JPG or PNG format only.)