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    The SANC Team

    National Plant Board Oversight
    by the NPB Executive Committee

    SANC Core Group
    Joe Collins KY
    Wayne Dixon NPB
    Aurelio Posadas NPB
    Dana Rhodes PA

    Steering Committee
    SANC Core Group, plus
    Morgan Dube NH
    Dan Kenny OH
    Brian Kuhn WI
    Christopher Logue NY
    Larry Nichols VA
    Robin Rosenbaum MI
    Anni Self TN
    Piera Siegert NH
    Duane Sinning CO
    Collin Wamsley MO
    John Wraspir WA

    Training Subcommittee
    Joe Collins KY, Chair
    Collin Wamsley MO, Chair
    Ruben Arias CA
    Ann Gibbs ME
    Joy Goforth NC
    Gary McAninch OR
    Aaron Paul WA

    Pilot Subcommittee
    Larry Nichols VA, Chair
    Robin Rosenbaum MI, Chair
    Mike Brown USDA PPQ
    Susan Ehlenbeck MO
    Darrell Maddox AmericanHort
    Sarika Negi USDA PPQ
    Craig Regelbrugge AmericanHort
    Vicki Smith CT

    Regulatory Agricultural Guidelines Subcommittee (Currently Suspended)
    Wayne Dixon NPB, Chair
    David Blackburn AR
    Helmuth Rogg OR
    Vicki Smith CT
    Jeff Zimmer MI

    Outreach Subcommittee
    Anni Self TN, Chair
    Piera Siegert NH, Chair
    David Blackburn AR
    Joshua Kress CA
    Karen Rane University of Maryland
    Karen Suslow Dominican University
    Gina Zirkle AmericanHort

    Document Review and Forms Team (DRAFT)
    Dan Kenny OH, Chair
    Duane Sinning CO, Chair
    Fred Ceballos AmericanHort
    Emily Hagen AZ
    Steve Hildebrandt FL
    Sarah Scally ME
    Walter Suttle  AmericanHort
    Terra Walber CA
    Perry Walden GA

    Evaluation Subcommittee
    Brian Kuhn WI, Chair
    Christopher Logue NY, Chair
    Tim Bergstrom  USDA PDC
    Jeanetta Cooper OK
    Sarah Gettys  PA
    Melissa Lujan OR
    Scott Sanner USDA APHIS PPQ
    Carol Seadale – Southeast Growers (GA)
    SANC Core Group

    Inspector Subcommittee
    Morgan Dube NH, Chair
    John Wraspir WA, Chair
    Anthony Dahlan CA
    Fred Meyer OH
    John Nunnery OK
    Aaron Paul  WA
    Robert Roma CA
    Zach Starr MO
    Tinalouise Stimmler PA
    Marcia Wensing  WI

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SANC for States

A systems approach to nursery inspection can benefit states by focusing resources to reduce pest risk and enhancing existing programs. The tools in this section can help state regulators with something as simple as process improvement in nursery inspection, to certification of large interstate shippers of regulated products. State regulators are encouraged to review, revise and adopt this information where appropriate, and provide feedback through the Contact Us link.

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The basic ideas of SANC are presented here, along with the steps to apply.
This standard describes the essential elements of a harmonized state-level systems approach to nursery certification (SANC) program within the United States. It outlines the responsibilities of state certification agencies and of nursery and greenhouse facilities participating in a SANC program, designed to address nursery certification of plants moving intra- or interstate.
The Systems Approach to Nursery Certification (SANC) is a voluntary program to promote a harmonized risk-based systems approach to enhance nursery certification process while recognizing varying states’ authorities and industry needs. One of its many benefits is that it encourages a close working relationship between the state certifying authority and participating facilities (nurseries/greenhouses). While working with the first states in the Pilot Project for SANC, we’ve identified essential elements that should exist on the state side to better realize a successful SANC program.
This document suggests examples of non-compliance issues that would be classified as Minor, Major, or Critical. During the Pilot, we hope participating agencies will suggest better examples that can be used to build upon and improve this guidance.
Agreement on Use of SANC Logo by a State Certifying Agency
The SANC Glossary of Terms is a master list of many SANC terms, provided to promote consistent discussion and understanding of the SANC terms and the project and its operation. This document is meant to be dynamic and flexible as the SANC project is piloted and implemented.
The checklist portion of this will guide inspectors and growers in identifying critical control points (CCPs) to assess risk in a nursery or greenhouse production system. The BMP companion section offers basic best management practices (BMPs) that can be used to address identified critical control points in order to reduce pest risk. It is not a complete list of BMPs, but provides a scalable foundation for a systems approach to nursery and greenhouse production that can be implemented, documented, verified and tailored to specific nursery situations.
The Facility SANC Manual Review and Approval Checklist is designed to help nurseries and greenhouses ensure that they have completed all portions of the SANC manual in order to meet the SANC Standard.
So you’ve completed the SANC External Audit. What are the next steps?
Accomplishment report submitted to USDA for project funded through Farm Bill Section 10007.
Initial Evaluation Reportfor A Systems Approach to Nursery Certification (SANC) Pilot Program – Phase 1
This legally binding agreement between the plant production facility and the state certification agency identifies the specific requirements necessary for the individual facility to produce and ship nursery stock under a systems approach process. It reflects an agreement on the part of the facility to abide by all of the conditions listed in the production manual and may be accompanied by a compliance agreement with pest specific compliance modules that allow regulated articles to move into states with additional quarantines or regulations. The SANC agreement, any necessary compliance agreements, and audit approval, establish the basis for issuance of a nursery certificate under the SANC program.
A template form to use when a corrective action is needed.
A template for a SANC nursery shipping certificate .
This template provides an example compliance agreement format that states can utilize with the goal of encouraging more consistency and highlighting the systems approaches currently being used within the certification process for plants moving interstate. It is not intended to be a ‘one size fits all’, rather one that allows multiple pests of concern or program standards to be addressed under a consistent format. The format can, and should, be adjusted to meet the needs of States’ specific nursery or greenhouse pest issues and regulations through pest specific modules.
Under revision – returning soon!
An introduction to audit basics. This presentation was made by Kimberly Merenz, USDA-APHIS-PPQ, based on her experience with the USNCP
From a SANC Workshop in January 2014, this presentation discusses the concepts that need to be considered while developing a model standard for the SANC program.