SANC e-Learning

Thank you for your interest in SANC e-Learning. This training is designed to give you a broad understanding of the SANC program. The modules will provide essential training information on many aspects of the SANC program including the concepts and elements of the program; how to conduct a required risk assessment of a facility; assist a facility in the steps to becoming SANC-certified; and audit the performance of the program at a SANC-certified facility.

This e-Learning program is self-paced meaning there are no time constraints and it can be started and stopped as needed. We do not recommend completing the training in one session. Rather it is better to take it slow and ruminate on how the program works. Once the training is completed, it can be retaken, either in part or in its entirety, as necessary.

To get started, click the link below. This will send a message to the training coordinator who will upload the user’s information into Coassemble which is the training platform. The user will then receive an email from “” within a few days that will contain a link to gain access to the course (be sure to check SPAM/Junk folders).  The learner will then use (1) their regular work email address in the user field and (2) create a password to use on the credentials page to start the course. Note this is the only portion of the training that is time sensitive. If an account is not set up within 30 days, the link will no longer work. Once the account has been set up, there are no time limits for completing the course.

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